She Makes Candles That Burn Much Longer Than Candle Wax!

I would have never thought of using Crisco to make candles! What a brilliant idea! Lisa Pullano shows us how to make these candles that burn much longer than candle wax and if you’re anything like me, I’m always burning through candles…so I was definitely up for giving this a try!

We all hate sitting outside and being attacked by mosquitos, so she makes a citronella candle, along with a candle that smells good to burn in her home.

Crisco candles burn for 100+ hours,  one of the reasons I love this idea and they do not burn black at all, very clean and no crisco smell…only the smell of your favorite scent! I have tested mine it burns slow and cool…actually better and cooler than purchased candles. The approximate cost is $1.50 and you can’t beat that!

So, if you’re a candle junkie like me, you know that candles are outrageously expensive. I’ve even purchased candle making supplies and made my own, which save some money, but is still expensive.

I came across this idea when searching online for cheaper alternatives to candle making. It was on a site for emergency preparedness. The site said to insert a candle wick (or string if you don’t have a wick) into a can of Crisco. The site says that a large jar of Crisco will burn for up to 45 days straight in an emergency situation! That’s when I had to do this!

Watch how Lisa makes these clever Crisco candles in her step by step tutorial and save yourself some money on candles!


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