She Makes Easy And Fabulous Personalized Gifts That Your Friends And Family Will Love!

This is a great way to add some sparkle to your Christmas tree this year and then make a few for some awesome gifts!

I love giving things like this because every year that passes these will be unpacked and you will be forever remembered by this thoughtful gift!

These are great gifts for teachers, friends, family, and neighbors. They take very little time to make and your friends will absolutely love them!

I used Jane’s photo, a lady who sells these on Pinterest, to show you how these would look with fancy bows and a fancier monogram on them. She sells them for $7.99 if you chose to purchase them instead of doing this cool DIY project. I know, many of us are really busy this time of year, so you may just want to order them from her.

I made mine the way Jane does and they turned out amazing! I did one for each of my kids and husband for my tree and then I made up some for gifts.

Supplies needed are:

She no longer uses Mop & Glo, and switched to Polycrylic because it holds up much longer, where as the Mop and Glo tends to allow the glitter to fall off over time). Sticky hair spray or gel Glitter (fine or shaved glitters work better but any kind of glitter should be just fine also), Glass or plastic Ornaments Vinyl (631 OR 651), Transfer tape (to apply the vinyl).

Watch how Stormy McCall makes these darling ornaments in her step by step tutorial.

Photo Credit: Jane

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