She Makes Lush Inspired Golden Egg Bath Bombs And You’re Not Gonna Want To Miss This!

Cla Cali has the recipe for the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bombs down and it’s the bomb (no pun intended)!

This bath bomb, once dunked into your bath water, will turn your bath into a shimmering swirl where you’ll need to grasp on to the sides of the tub just to stay grounded as your mind will think you’re in Hollywood with all the shimmering lights on you!

These make magnificent last minute gifts for the women in your life or to go in Christmas stockings. Kids absolutely love these and will be so excited to find these on Christmas day.

Lush always comes up with the goods and the golden egg bath bomb priced at $9 is no exception. It combines two of the brand’s most popular products — the bath bomb and the bath melt — with the favorite scent of your choosing, for a truly indulgent (but calorie-free) luxury bath treat! But the great news is that you won’t have to pay $9 because you can now make them yourself!

The beautiful golden egg is goose-egg sized and it’s covered with a layer of fine golden glitter. The outer casing of the egg is made of cocoa butter and the inside of it is the fizzy bath bomb.

These not only make the water look awesome, but they are so luxurious and moisturizing for your skin. You’re gonna love these and not believe how easy they are to make!

Watch how Cla Cali makes these phenomenal bath bombs in her step by step tutorial and you’ll be on the road to softer more amazing skin.



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