She Makes One Of The Most In Demand Decor Items On The Market Today. Watch!

I wanted to share this DIY project with you because I was in search for one of these not too long ago and never did find the size and style I was looking for.

I settled for one that was a little different and it sits on a table. The one I was looking for was one I could hang on the wall with a picture grouping.

Although the Ampersand she makes is a bookend, I used this tutorial to make one for my wall grouping and it looks perfect…exactly what I was wanting!

Letters are a big deal in design right now. I think it’s because we all connect with the personal nature of words. We can use letters in decorating to express ourselves, and we can do it in almost any style.

I love vintage and industrial letters, but farmhouse style, marquee style and creative versions of letters are great choices too.

You can use letters as a subtle reference to a person or place, or spell out words and inspiration. However you use them in your home, this DIY project  will get you styling with the letters, while saving you some cash as well.

Watch how HGTV Handmade makes this concrete ampersand in her step by step tutorial.


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