She Makes Several Elegant And Neutral Valentine’s Decor Items That Are So Easy. Watch!

I have been gathering up inexpensive Valentine decor ideas that would be fun to add to a shelf, up on the mantel, or even in the center of a kitchen table.  Maybe some of you have been thinking of doing the same?  If so….these are some fun ideas you may want to consider!

The DIY projects she does in the attached tutorial are so beautiful and are perfect if you have neutral decor that you are looking to add some great Valentine’s embellishments to. These are actually items that you may want to leave out year around!

I love the elegant look to these 6 projects she does. There’s just something so breathtaking about off white and neutral touches combined for your home decor.

The good news, other than the fact that these DIY projects are super easy, is that she bought her supplies at the Dollar Tree and spent next to nothing to make these beautiful items!

Who says that valentines need to be pink or red? I know those are traditional colors, but this gal definitely convinces that valentines can be done in neutral tones and be absolutely stunning!

Watch how this gal with 4 Quarter Crafts does these simple but gorgeous crafts in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on your Valentine’s decor!



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