She Makes Some Expensive Looking Decorations That Will Wow Your Holiday Guests!

In this tutorial this lady makes some of the most beautiful decorations out of items that will take you quite by surprise.

What she does with her old costume jewelry and paper cups is quite brilliant, along with the extraordinary decorations she makes with the rim of the cup and ribbons and lace.

Shabby chic is a soft, feminine and romantic way of decoration style that looks comfortable and inviting. Are you passionate about the shabby chic interior design and decoration? She shares these easy and lovely shabby chic decor DIY ideas & projects.

Why go shopping for beautiful ornaments when you can easily make these at home with the things you already have?

Shabby chic and vintage Christmas go together like milk and cookies.  I love the time of year and the warmth the decorating combinations bring to my home.  What she makes are some examples of simple decorating ideas to make your holiday special.

Traditionally, Christmas decorations are all about over-the-top bright colors, foil, lights and a general sense of happiness and joy.

If you find yourself in the mood for a softer, more laid-back approach with lighter colors and perhaps a little bit less clutter, maybe you should consider trying a shabby chic style for a change this Christmas.

Shabby chic decorations may be about soft colors and distressed pieces, but they do agree very well with the season, especially if you opt for a rustic or “White Christmas”.

Watch how Minnie Days makes all of these beautiful ornaments in her step by step tutorial.


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