She Makes The Coolest And Easiest Palazzo Pants In No Time At All (Comfy!)

I’ve been seeing palazzo pants everywhere and I love them! But, again, I’m not going to spend a bunch of money just to get a pair of pants that are long enough for me. This project ended up costing me about $10.

These are absolutely the most comfy pants I own and I’m so glad I ran across this tutorial! Palazzo pants, also known as wide-leg or gaucho pants, flare directly from the hip.. They were made popular in the ’70s, but they have come back around, and are best made out of silky or soft fabric, including rayon, tulle, jersey, stretch fabrics and others. It is not difficult for anyone with some sewing knowledge to create her own pattern and make her own palazzo pants.

The first thing I did was get out my yoga pants. I laid them on top of my fabric which I had folded in half length-wise (my fabric ended up only being able to stretch horizontally which was fine). I added about 2 ½ inches to each side of my pants (palazzo pants are supposed to be loose fitting), pinned and cut. So at this point you have one pant leg, you can make another two by using the first set as a pattern, much easier than trying to measure it out again. I also cut out a waistband. These were very big but it was intentional because I had room to tailor them at the end…or you can just watch the tutorial and do what she does! By the way, this tutorial has gotten more that 1 million views!

I love these to lounge in at night. They are the most comfortable thing I own…forget pajamas! I’ve made several pairs of these and found some of the coolest fabrics! I’ve also worn them out when I need to run errands. Of course, many people wear these everywhere and they are quite appropriate. They are great to have to pull over a swimsuit too!

Watch how Pinkchocolatebreak makes these great pants in her simple step by step tutorial!

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