She Makes The Coolest Item Out Of A Pair Of Old Jeans That You’re Sure To Love!

When I ran across this tutorial I thought I’ve gotta make one of these. I had a huge pile of old jeans that I wasn’t wearing anymore so I thought why not? It turned out fabulous and it’s one of my favs!

In this video she shows us how to make this  trendy little bag using a pair of old jeans and it’s super easy!

I needed a smaller bag to carry when I’m running errands and don’t feel like lugging my big purse around. Sometimes (more times than not) it’s such a burden!

Since I had so many jeans I decided to make a few of these up to have for gifts, for some of my friends and family, when birthdays come around.

I’ve given a couple away and my friends were ecstatic over them…especially when they found out I’d made it for them! Score!

What would we do if we didn’t have all of these brilliant DIY’ers out there creating all of these great projects for us to do? I might be bored, so my hats off to all of the great minds who share their genius creations with us!

Watch how this gal with Knotty Threadz makes this super cool bag in her step by step tutorial and grab a pair of those old jeans, you’re not wearing anymore, so you can get started!



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