She Makes The Coolest Quilt Block That Looks Like An Attic Window!

This is a really cool quilt that brings cause for a lot of conversations. It’s so interesting and can be made so many different ways. I saw one of Pinterest that had Matryoshka Dolls (or Russian nesting dolls) within each frame…I fell in love with it!

Many quilters used oriental themed fabric but the quilt block works perfectly for any other color scheme or theme you’d like to

Only three seams are required to sew each attic windows quilt block, and the larger motifs found in oriental and many other types of fabrics give you an opportunity to practice fussy cutting.

One corner of each block is connected with a mitered seam but don’t let that discourage you from trying this easy quilt block.

Attic Windows blocks can be great fun for interesting and visual effects in a quilt. With the proper shading of colors a 3-D effect can be obtained.

The large square area of the block can be used for conversation prints or novelty children’s prints to make story quilts and theme quilts. Or, use the center square for friends and family to sign for a Memory Quilt or Signature Quilt.

Making Attic Windows quilts the traditional way means sewing inset seams on each block. But, if you don’t mind a small change in the construction, you can make an Attic Windows block that looks almost like the traditional one with much easier sewing techniques. Using a half-square triangle (HST) block in the corner eliminates the need for sewing those tedious inset seams.

Watch how Laura Coia makes this quilt in her step by step tutorial.

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