She Makes The Cutest And Easiest Item That Many Of Us Don’t Ever Have Enough Of!

I’ve been called The (Crazy) Cat Lady more than a couple of times and it’s true… I love kitties. I’ve been a cat person (and a dog person) since I was a little girl.

I love making cute crafts with animals, animal trinkets and cat stuff in general, so when I made this kitty cat tote bag I knew it was a project I had to share with you all.

I just love having some part of my wardrobe ensemble to be fun and these cat tote bags add so much fun to an outfit. I’m a firm believer that when you look fun you have fun!

Oh, and did I mention that these make the coolest gifts for friends and family and can be made pretty quickly.

I’ve been carrying this bag around for the past week or so and I’ve gotten compliments everywhere I go!  People want to know where I got it and that’s when I tell them it’s a DIY project and where the tutorial is.

Watch how this lady with Jordan Fabrics makes these darling kitty cat tote bags in her step by step tutorial.

To find this cat fabric contact [email protected] Or, if you’re an artist, you might try your hand at painting these cats on black fabric…even better, you could top stitch them after drawing it off with a chalk pencil!

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