She Makes The Cutest Hugs And Kisses Decor Item You’ll Have To Have.. Learn How!

Xs and Os take center stage in this beautiful quilted table runner. It’s a wonderful expression of love for Valentine’s Day. It’s also perfect for special meals any time of the year with someone near to your heart.

Take a little time out to stitch up a romantic table runner and have it on hand for a spontaneous quiet candle lit dinner with your loved one.

My little granddaughter was so enamored with this hugs and kisses table runner. I don’t know who was more excited when I was finished with it! She wants one to hang on the wall in her room, so I’m thinking that needs to be my next project.  This cute Valentine table runner would look great in any room.

I am so thrilled about this table runner. I was so excited as this was coming together – I think it turned out super cute and is possibly one of my favorites!

The vivid reds and pink fabrics are a striking contrast against a light background. I’ve always loved the look of pink and red fabrics combined.
Watch how this gal with Shabby Fabrics makes this darling Valentine table runner in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making yours!



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