She Makes The Most Adorable Owl Tote Bag Out Of Duct Tape (Watch!)

When you see how easy this purse comes together, you’re going to want to make others…one to match each of your favorite outfits. There are all kinds of different duct tape bags on Pinterest! Decorate your bags with whatever shapes suit your style.

Owls are always favorites…with kids AND adults. I’m one of those Owl lovers and I would definitely carry this bag. I love fun, off the wall things, that most people would hesitate to wear or carry. I’m not a follower. I march to the beat of my own drum. After all, this isn’t dress rehearsal and you only live once. Have fun while you’re doing it! When I wear something fun, it puts me in a playful upbeat mood!

Have you seen all of the cool patterns on duct tape? I’m amazed at what you can choose from nowadays!

Attention: Crafters that live in the NYC area! Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more colors (or patterns!) for duct tape, there is now an entire pop-up store in Midtown Manhattan devoted to all things duct tape. Located at 1411 Broadway (between 39th & 40th St), this roughly 1,000 square foot space houses every conceivable Duck Tape color and design – from gorgeous emerald to mustache print.

Watch how this gal with The Crafts Channel makes this darling owl bag in her step by step tutorial and go get you some duct tape!

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