She Makes The Most Adorable Wool Kitties You’ve Ever Seen By Needle Felting (WATCH!)

This is one of the cutest and most whimsical crafts ever and very costly if you were to buy these from a retail establishment. This is why I’m sharing this DIY project with you! Now you can make them yourself and sell them if you want to make some good money!

When you read about felt making, they explain that wool fibers have very tiny scales and when rubbed together they interlock and bind tightly. So to make felt you start with dyed wool, lots of water, a bamboo mat, decorations and plenty of room to make a wet mess. then roll it within a sandwich of bubblewrap/bamboo/hot water/detergent for over 120 times until you have compressed the wool to create felt. It does sounds like hard work! The good news is that you can buy it at craft stores without having to do all this work!

At the basic level, needle felting is easy, which may be one of its greatest appeals. You start by making a tight ball of wool (or synthetic fiber or whatever is your material – I will call it wool here for simplicity). For this, you can wind a piece of wool on your finger tightly, then pull it off, wind some more and fix it with a few needle strokes, then just keep adding material by winding it onto your shape and needle felting until you get the basic shape, such as an oval, or a ball, depending on what you’re making. Just try to make this shape hard enough by winding wool tightly, that will save you a lot of needle felting work later on.

After you have your basic shape, you start more detailed felting work. There are lots of basic needle felting video tutorials on, so if you’re interested…check them out, but first check out this tutorial I’ve attached to this post of these adorable little gems!

Watch how Bubzbeauty does this in her step by step tutorial and enjoy making this adorable little critters!

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