She Makes The Most Beautiful Unbreakable Ornaments. Learn How!

We all love Laura Coia’s sewing tutorials and here’s another one that is quite impressive! She’s such a good teacher and I receive a lot of positive feedback from you guys telling me just that. Watch what she has for us today!

The ornaments Laura makes are quite stunning and extraordinary. These will not only be beautiful on your tree, but make fabulous gifts.

These ornaments look professionally made and the shape of them are quite interesting and different than most ornaments you see. They look exquisite hanging on your Christmas tree.

Regal is the word I was looking for to describe these beautiful ornaments. They look like something that would hang on the Queens tree!

When I first saw these, I felt a bit intimidated by them, but then after I watched how she made these I realized they weren’t difficult at all.

I made quite a few of these because I wanted several for my tree and have some to give away for gifts. I just love them!

Watch how Laura, with SewVeryEasy, makes these beautiful ornaments in her step by step tutorial.




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