She Makes The Most Breathtaking Quilt And Watch How She Does It!

Who doesn’t love butterflies? I fell in love with the quilt the second I laid eyes on it. Butterflies are a symbol of piece to me and I just love them.

I loved the Butterflies quilt pattern¬†the first time I saw it and had to make it.¬† I used fabrics from my stash and spent the weekend cutting out the butterflies. I made this quilt for my daughter’s bed. She flipped out over it when she saw what I was gonna make her. She actually jumped in and helped me cut out the fabric pieces and we had such a fun time doing this together. I just know she’ll be a quilter someday!

I grew up sleeping under a darling quilt with umbrella ladies in southern belle dresses that my Grandmother made. I remember tracing the pretty embroidery work with my fingers as a small child and thinking that I wanted to be one of those pretty ladies when I grew up. That quilt was washed to death and was finally thrown away by my mother. I was heart broken as I wanted at least a piece of that quilt. I’m sure that my daughter will have her quilt for years to come and probably pass it down to her daughter some day.

Watch how the Fat Quarter Shop makes this beautiful quilt in her step by step tutorial and enjoy quilting!

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