She Makes The Most Clever Mason Jar Gifts—So Much Fun!

If you’re looking for some fun gifts for friends and family, these have a great element of surprise! You can put all the fun little things that they love in each of them and it shows a lot of thought, which means so much to people.

You can make some creative gift tags and decorate these up with all kinds of pretty ribbons! Pinterest has all kinds of gift tag ideas, so check those out!

These also make great favors for baby showers, wedding showers or even for bridesmaids and groomsmen! Or, for the seamstress in your life, throw a few safety pins, sewing needles, spools of thread, a measuring tape, and a small pair of scissors into a mason jar. Then, follow the Martha Stewart instructions online for a built-in pincushion that’s perfect for the crafty person in your life!

I made one of these for my niece and put nail polishes, mascara, some makeup brushes and lipsticks in a decorated mason jar and she absolutely loved it!

Someone on Pinterest put a cute apron in a mason jar and easily turned a small gift into something really special by attaching a recipe card to the lid. I just love this idea and it’s a really creative way to share one of your favorite recipes!

Watch how Housetohome does these cute mason jar gifts in their step by step tutorial for some great gift ideas!


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