Thursday, December 7

She Makes The Most Precious Strawberry Santas For All Her Grand Christmas Festivities (Watch!)

So Christmas is coming and I decided to post a video showing you how to make a cute desert that you can give to guests at a party, serve it to friends when they come over, or just make it for fun! It is so delicious and great for the Holidays!! So why not make it?  Hope you guys enjoy making these little darlings!

Christmas is quickly approaching and we’ve been spending a lot of time prepping food, decorations, and crafts for the holiday! So, here’s a real crowd pleaser that is sure to be a big hit!

You only need 4  “ingredients” to assemble these Strawberry Santas. You’ll need strawberries, cream cheese, sugar and vanilla extract…oh, and she also uses 2 chia seeds for the eyes!

No cooking, baking, or strenuous activity involved! They taste delicious because they have a creamy sweet cream cheese center. Sweet cream cheese and strawberries? Yes please! You’re going to love learning how to make Strawberry Santas for Christmas. You can always use vanilla icing…what ever is your personal favorite! I am just a big fan of cream cheese on anything!

Watch how chicbykarina makes these in her step by step tutorial!



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