Thursday, November 30

She Makes These Adorable Tooth Fairy Pillows That Children Will Love!

Do you have a toothless wonder running around at your house? Or possibly a little one just waiting for that first visit from the Tooth Fairy?

It is always really exciting at our house when a tooth becomes loose and then gets pulled out in fun and creative ways or finally falls out after being loose…barely hanging on by a thread! Regardless of how many teeth your little one has lost, they are going to be really excited to lose another tooth so they can place it in one of these adorable Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillows made by this lady with Embroidery Garden’s tutorial.

Such a fun and friendly monster tooth pillow! They are not only great for your children, but they make great gifts for a baby gift, grandchildren, a sweet niece or nephew or a neighbor’s child!

I can still remember the tooth fairy pillow I had when I was little.  It was heart shaped with eyelet lace trim and a little pocket for the tooth and reward.  Moving forward a few years…this monster tooth fairy pillow is much more fun than the one I had! I can’t imagine any child not going bonkers over these!

If you don’t have the ability to monogram on your sewing machine, it’s pretty inexpensive to have a monogram shop put a name on these, or, if you have nice handwriting, you can use a paint marker to write their name of it. There are lots of different things you can use to make these eyes, other than the way she has done these. I’ve seen people use a bright colored felt with a colorful button in the center. Just make it your own. There’s so many options!

Watch Embroidery Garden’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making a little boy or girl happy with one of these endearing tooth fairy pillows!

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