She Makes These Amazing Flowers And What She Makes Them Out Of Will Blow You Away!

I about fell over when I found out what she made these incredible flowers out of. These look fabulous in your garden, on a wreath, in a big vase or just about anywhere you want to put them!

Recycle all your soda cans into art for the balcony, terrace or your garden, even if it is a small urban garden. This is a fun project to (carefully) do with kids!

The Arizona tea cans look really pretty made into roses because of the design on the cans. You can go crazy making all kinds of flowers with your soda cans…what a great way to recycle!

I am just in love with my metal flowers! I love making them in all different sizes and shapes. I’m getting better at making them each time!  There are so many ways you can use them.
A lot of people make flowers out of plastic bottles, but I more fond of the ones made out of the metal soda cans and they can be shaped easier and you can make a larger variety of the types of flowers you make.
I hope the attached tutorial will help you make some pretty ones too! Watch how this gal with Recycled Parts 4 Art makes these amazing flowers in her step by step tutorial.


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