She Makes These Awesome Faux Druzy Pendants. You’re Not Gonna Believe How Easy They Are!

I have a bit of a crush on druzy jewelry lately.  The combination of unique shapes and crystal sparkles is such a nice contrast.  I am a big fan of jewelry that you can wear everyday, and, while it sparkles like gemstone, you don’t have to save druzy for special occasions.

If you have never heard of druzy, picture a colorful, sparkling natural stone – kind of like nature’s glitter.  Druzy are mineral crystals that form on geodes and other natural stones.

I made my own faux geode necklace last year using similar materials, so I figured I could give druzy a shot as well.  The results are appropriately glitzy and colorful.  Plus, they are fun and satisfying to make.

I have been wearing a bunch of dainty layered necklaces recently, but was missing a statement DIY piece in the mix.  I love the look a druzy gemstone on jewelry and thought it would fun to make my own DIY version!

After a little experimenting, the combination of Crushed Glass Glitter and ModPodge created the perfect amount of glimmer to pass as a druzy (for a fraction of the prize). I am obsessed with how they turned out! I am making jewelry for everyone. One pack of glitter glass could make enough earrings to give a pair to every person you know, plus some!

Watch how Nicole makes these beautiful pendants in her step by step tutorial.


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