She Makes These Beautiful Felt Flowers And What She Does With Them Is Fabulous!

Felt has become one of my new best crafting friends next to hot glue! I love the endless possibilities of this and even better yet it doesn’t fray!
This is a simple and elegant way to dress up your bed, sofa or your favorite chair for very little money but a big impact!
This is an unbelievably easy DIY project and you’ll be so proud of yourself when you see the finished pillow.
If you haven’t ever fallen head over heels in LOVE with a pillow you will now!  I had a full-on, head over heels, obsessive, crush on this little jewel! It didn’t take me long to get busy making one either.
These would cost a fortune to buy so I consider myself really lucky to have come across this great tutorial.

This is a very easy DIY that is a perfect project for beginners. It’s quite straightforward and the best part is it’s a no sew project.

Keep in mind…if you don’t need another pillow, these flowers look great made into a brooch and look awesome on sweaters and coats! There are many other things you can attach these lovely flowers to. Headbands for little girls look beautiful with one of these felt flowers attached to them.
Watch how this gal with The Latina Next Door makes these wonderful felt flowers in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making a flower garden for your home!
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