She Makes These Cool Scrabble Coasters To Give As Unique And Fun Gifts (Easy!)

Scrabble tile coasters are fun and so easy to make and one of the things love most about them is that you can use your favorite four letter words! I made these adorable scrabble tile coasters for our living room, but they would make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

Besides being a great gift… the last thing anyone wants to see are water marks on tables left by cold beverages. By using drink coasters, you can encourage your guests to place their drink container on the coaster instead. And these drink coasters made from scrabble tiles are a unique way to celebrate both your love of the ever-popular board game and save your furniture too.

Other than some scrabble tiles, the only necessary materials are cork and E6000 glue. My cork still had a bit of roll to it so I used my 5 lb weights in the corners. The E6000 glue works well because it dries fast and is strong. Plus it will attach to almost anything. Once the coasters are finished, make yourself a drink and put your feet up to enjoy your hard work!

Who says you have to spend so much money in giving thoughtful and valuable gifts to your friends and loved ones? There are actually gifts out there that are more valuable than the most expensive items you can purchase at the store. After all, gifts that you’ve taken your time and put thought into it mean more to the receiver. This is why do-it-yourself Christmas presents are greatly appreciated.

Watch how Baby Gizmo makes these in their step by step tutorial!


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