She Makes These Killer Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins You Must Try (Delectable!)

Look no further! These Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins are moist pumpkin spiced treats dotted with chocolate chips. This is the only pumpkin chocolate chip muffin recipe you will ever need.

Even though I have 5 stellar chocolate chip cookies, I’m always looking to try one I might like better. But with these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, I really don’t feel the need to look elsewhere. This is it. An easy recipe that makes a perfectly round 2 dozen. Moist, full of pumpkin flavor and dotted with chocolate chips. Add it to the pumpkin list of treats I have to make every year.

I remember the first time I ever tasted one of these…I was hooked! Even people who don’t like pumpkin pie go crazy over these muffins! There are two types of people out there…those who LOVE pumpkin and those who hate it. I’ve always been pumpkin’s #1 fan, but one of my brothers can’t stand the taste of it. All it took was one bite of these muffins to convert him!

I actually find myself craving these and sometimes I wish I’d never taken that first bite! Seriously! I could eat several of these in one sitting!

I can’t stress enough how amazing these muffins are. They are literally the best muffins I’ve ever eaten in my life—and I’ve eaten a lot of muffins! They’re unbelievably soft with the perfect balance of spice, sweetness, and pumpkin flavor.

All it took was making these muffins once to fall in love with them forever. Did I mention they’re amazing?

Watch how Home Cooking Adventure makes these amazing muffins in her step by step tutorial so you can see why I’m addicted!




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