She Makes These Remarkable Foolproof Crazy Quilts That Are Vibrant And Full Of Color!

Jennifer Clouston with CanTPublishing is the brilliant author of Foolproof Crazy Quilting and her work is magnificent! She grew up in South Africa, a country full of vibrancy, color and passion and her work is heavily influenced by the Indian Community of Natel and Zulu.

She says that crazy quilts are wonderful because they reflect each person’s personality and the times that they’re living through. Each of them have the individual’s own stitch fingerprint!

Embroidery and embellishments are Jennifer’s favorite part of crazy quilting. She uses lace, beading, ribbon, your Mother or Grandmother’s keepsake, a bit of jewelry…basically anything that can be stitched onto your work.

When she came to write the book, she decided to write the answers to all of the questions her students were asking her in her quilting classes.

Nothing shows off beautiful stitching and embellishments like the blank canvas of a crazy quilt. Jenny Clouston’s gorgeously illustrated book¬†shows you how to make your own heirloom crazy quilts. Learn which fabrics, threads, and needles to use; how to piece crazy quilt blocks; how to embroider with thread, ribbons, beads, and other embellishments; how to assemble your blocks into a finished quilt; and more.

If you look on Pinterest you will see purses that people have made with the crazy quilt technique and they are positively fabulous! Watch this video by Jennifer Clouston. You will be so impressed. I was and had to buy her book right away!

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