She Makes This Awesome Zippered Crossbody Bag That’s So Cool For Travel!

Most of us like to travel light, whether it’s on a trip or every day life. I personally have to have my big ole’ bag for every day, but when I travel somewhere and go sight seeing, this is what I use and it’s a lifesaver…or shall I say a “back saver”? Another great thing about carrying a crossbody bag is that it makes it harder for someone to grab your purse! You never know what can happen when you are traveling.

As you can see, from the photo, that these darling bags can be embellished with your own personal touch. She uses coordinating fabrics and rik rak to make her bag look especially cute and unique!

Carry everything you need and stay hands free with this handy Cross Body Bag.  Go fancy with smart hardware and adjustable strap, or keep it simple without these optional extras.

With both open and zipper pockets front and back, inside and outside, you can keep everything organized and in its place.  Roomy enough to carry a tablet but smart enough to use as a purse. Or, if this bag is too small for you, make it a little bigger. It should be easy to adjust the pattern for that.

It’s has also been suggested that you buy a fat quarter bundle from the fabric store to make this bag. I’d recommend one of these bundles if you want to make a really interesting bag. I like the bundles for a more interesting and different bag. A suggested place online called Plush Addict carries some pretty cool bundles, so you might want to check that site out before you go to the fabric store.  There are dozens of bundles to chose from and if you’re careful with your cutting you’ll have enough leftover to make accessories, like a zipper pouch or a little wallet!

Watch how Malini Chandra makes this cool little crossbody bag in her step by step tutorial!


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