She Makes This Chic And Popular Item That Is Perfect For The Fall Season. Watch!

Now you can make a bunch of these and you can make them in only minutes! We spend quite a bit of money on these and now you can have one that is over 3x’s cheaper! Good news, right?

I always love DIY projects that save me money and are easy to make. But, then again, most of us do…some not so much.

Fall is coming- and it is time to start thinking about fun, fashionable scarves and the ultimate fall accessory is the infinity scarf!

Infinity scarves, or loop scarves are easy to wear with any outfit and are even easier to sew quickly….. That’s why I LOVE this way to make an Infinity Scarf!

It only takes five minutes to sew an infinity scarf, and only very basic sewing skills… even a beginner at sewing can make this project.

The best part is you can make this into a summer scarf with thinner fabric, a fall scarf with flannel, a winter scarf with wool, or a spring scarf with cotton!

Watch how this gal with Shabby Fabrics makes this cool scarf in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on making your scarves to coordinate with your fall outfits!

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