She Makes This Fabulous Bubble Quilt — It’s So Crazy Comfortable!

Shabby Fabrics makes this incredibly darling quilt that anyone would want to sleep under! I’ve made a couple of these for baby gifts, but I’m dying to make one for my own bed! It’s on my list of next DIY projects. I’ll be making a queen sized one and it’s gonna be so great to cover up with during the winter months…they’re crazy comfortable and warm!

To make a larger bubble quilt all I need to do is make several of the baby quilts and sew them together to make a larger one. One of the bloggers on Pinterest made her brother one of these because he lived in a really cold area. She made all of her puff casing like usual. She laid out her design and then sewed them together, small sections at a time. I have one section of 6×7 and one 8×7. It’s like making several smaller bubble blankets.

This was way easier than I expected it to be! If this total sewing newbie can figure it out, you can too! Also known as a biscuit quilt, this easy quilt is perfect for even a beginner to make! These are not only great baby shower gifts, but also make a fabulous Christmas present or birthday present for a new baby.

These bubble quilts make a comfy pallet for your little one to lay on when you put him or her on the floor!

Watch how Shabby Fabrics makes this darling quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get the inside scoop on how to do this!


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