She Makes This Incredible Mirror Wall Hanging And You Won’t Even Believe What She Used (Brilliant!)

I was stunned when I saw what she made this mirrored wall hanging out of! I’m always amazed at the brilliant ideas people come up with for DIY projects!

I love recycling projects and this one is a perfect example of the kind of stunning things you can make with things that you would normally put in the recycling bin. When I saw how she did this I was flabbergasted, to say the least!

She cuts up a plastic carton into strips, attaching them, with glue, to the back of a piece of cardboard that she cut into a circle, glued a mirror onto the front. Then she draws and cuts little flowers out of the plastic and paints them. After dry, she glues the flowers around the mirror. Then she slides silver beads onto the tips of the narrow plastic strips.

I’ve seen some pretty awesome DIY projects, but this one takes the cake…don’t you agree? It has such an etherial look to it and would be beautiful in a living room with white and black decor. It looks so heavenly! Can you tell I’m in love with this?

Watch how Sahshii Suvarna makes this in her step by step tutorial and gather up those plastic cartons so you can give this a shot!

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