She Makes This Much Needed Item That A Seamstress Shouldn’t Be Without!

I don’t know what I’d do without this great item. It has made my life so much easier.

Night is kind of the best time to sit and relax….and nothing is better for relaxing then some hand stitching.  What I find though is I loose my scissors, miss place the thread, and who knows how many buttons and other goodies are tucked in between the cushions or behind pillows.

To save a little bit of frustration, the arm chair sewing caddy is perfect. You will wonder how you got along without this for so long!

This handy organizer is just the thing to keep all your essentials nearby when you’ve settled in to your favorite chair or couch. Fill it with items for the TV, phone, sewing or your favorite craft. Requires less than one yard of fabric and takes about an hour to make.

This handy unit is what you need beside you on the couch! Laura’s tutorial is super easy to follow with her great video and I made it even easier.

Watch how Laura makes this handy sewing arm chair sewing caddy in her step by step tutorial.

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