Saturday, December 2

She Makes This Spectacular Wreath And It All Came From The Dollar Tree!

You’ve still got time to run to the Dollar Tree and grab these few items…it’ll only take a few minutes to do and you’ll be so happy you put up this lovely wreath this year!

There’s something really magical about gold Christmas decorations and these shimmering gold poinsettias against the green wreath really pop and that’s what we all want when you view it from the street.

What’s so incredible about this particular DIY project is that it cost her very little to make, yet it looks like a wreath you would pay close to, if not $100 for!

Heck, with all the great DIY wreath projects out there, I’ve got a wreath on my front door and my back door! That’s what happens when you can’t decide which one to make…and, that’s ok too!

So, before you deck the halls, make sure you deck out your front door first…well, as long as you deck out your front door it doesn’t matter which comes first!

I get so excited about Christmas and all the sparkle and shine that comes with it. I think decorating is one of my favorite things about Christmas and I’m always sad when I have to take everything down. If I had my way, I’d decorate all year around!

Watch how Dezine makes this beautiful wreath in her step by step tutorial!




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