She Makes This Sturdy And Useful Piece Out Of Her Husband’s Old Belts!

Thinking of things to never throw away? If you’re weeding out things around your house, better watch out for things like this!  I confess, I am a pack rat. Being a crafter, you see craft ideas and DIY projects in almost any and every thing that you see. Belts can become more interesting after their use if you know how to recycle and give them a new purpose. This is just one example. There are so many!

Crafting, for me, is more about upcycling projects and repurposing ideas. Using old things and making them new again for DIY organization or room and house decor. There are a lot of things you may think of as junk but after a little tweaking and some love, it can turn out to be a cool DIY project.

You can never have enough storage, and a floating book shelf is a space-saving way to add some extra storage practically anywhere. This DIY project uses upcycled leather belts and a scrap piece of wood to create an easy, yet handsome, shelving solution. Styling them with books and trinkets is one of my favorite past times, so the more I have, the happier I am.

There’s a real vintage appeal to this shelf. The first time I saw a picture of one, I thought it had an equestrian, polo type look and I find that to be very attractive. People do all sorts of DIY projects with old belts. I’ve seen an old belt area rug, front door mat, a stack of magazines wrapped in an old belt and a cushion on top (for a seat) a favorite clock with a belt wrapped around it and hung by the rest of the belt, hanging wine racks with old belts, and the list goes on and on!

Watch how FABLifeShow does this project in her step by step tutorial and gather up those old belts!

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