She Makes This Super Cool Braided Denim Rug Out Of Her Old Jeans!

If you love to recycle and work with materials like denim, then there are a lot DIY projects out there.  One really cool idea is a braided rug.  People love these, so if you want to make some money at a craft show, they will get bought up right away. They’re too heavy to have to mail, so it’s best to sell them this way.

You can make these any size you want.  All you need is a great supply of well worn clean denim jeans. As you can see from the above picture it can be fun to mix up different shades of denim for a cool effect.  Basically all you need to make this denim braided rug are strips of denim and upholstery thread and needle.

These denim rugs are surprisingly soft to the feet and would make great rugs for beside the bed or in front of the kitchen sink.  If you use it on a hardwood floor, then you should get those anti-slip matts to put underneath it to keep it still.

This gal with Expert Village uses 4-5 pair of jeans that have been ripped up to make the rug that’s shown. If you are looking for a good supply of old denim jeans, ask around your family and friends, but also check the thrift shops as they get many jean donations that are not good enough to resell.  For a small donation they will most likely let you have these.  Don’t forget to save the pockets as there are many other things you can make with used jeans.
Watch how Expert Village makes this great rug in her step by step tutorial and gather up those jeans to make yours!
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