She Mixes These Items In a Mason Jar For A Cool Gift For Dad!

Looking for a unique and different Father’s Day Gift can be difficult.  This year I decided to try my hand at making something special for my husband. It’s always so difficult to think up something other than shirts, socks or ties!

I was looking on Pinterest and saw a bunch of great ideas for Father’s Day gifts in a mason jar and decided to make homemade shaving cream and put it in a mason jar with a cute label on the front of it.  If the hubby didn’t LOVE it, I could use it to shave my own legs!

Well, it turns that that Shaving Cream is really super easy to make and it works and smells great!  I did test it out on myself because it was going to be a surprise for him.

It really works and my skin really did feel super soft and smooth afterwards.  I think I might just switch over to homemade shaving cream because it really was that easy.  I also know exactly what is in it…nothing chemical or with preservatives.

Sofia Marie shows us, in her step by step tutorial, exactly how she makes this great shaving cream and what she does to decorate a mason jar for Father’s Day. It’s a clever gift idea!


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