She Nails And Stains Pallet Wood And What She Makes Is The Best Gift You Can Give!

There is something so incredibly charming about this easy DIY project. I seriously believe that every home should have one of these. It has a royal feeling about it, even though it does possess a lot of rustic charm.

If you’re looking for the perfect housewarming or wedding gift this will certainly impress the recipient and stand out above all of the other gifts…it’s a show stopper for sure! Receiving such a personalized gift will be so endearing.

I’m telling you, this monogrammed pallet wood sign is so easy, yet it looks so prestigious and chic. Whip a few out for friends and loved ones and you’ll see their reaction will be one of a lot of excitement to receive such a cool gift, and, it virtually costs you very little to make.

This is definitely my kind of project…one that’s cheap, yet looks quite expensive. Speaking of expensive, I did see one of these on Etsy for $69!

We all know that pallets are free and the best place to find them is usually around industrial areas. Although, I tend to see them in many various places around town and they’re usually beside a dumpster.

Watch how the Daily DIYer makes this sign in her step by step tutorial so you can give this a shot!

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