Saturday, December 2

She Needed More Storage For Her Small Bathroom So Watch What She Did!

What a fabulous idea for someone who has a small bathroom and needs storage space, plus it looks awesome! I love all of the geniuses out there!  What a clever and simple fix to a big problem!

My husband and I did this in our daughter’s bathroom and it has made so much difference…she loves it too! Now I don’t have to listen to her complain anymore OR pick up her wet towels off the floor! She acts like this is one of the best things we’ve ever done for her, but we didn’t tell her that it helps us out as much or more than it does her! It unclutters a small bathroom!

Nowadays, people are using pipe bars in their homes for a lot of different reasons. I’ve seen these in laundry rooms to hold shelves with baskets and clothes, pot racks in kitchens, on the wall under kitchen cabinets to hang wire towel baskets on and hooks to hang kitchen utensils, measuring cups and spoons and the list goes on! These make for not only extra storage, but creates a unique and interesting look in your home.

Wall shelves are one of the easiest and most versatile ways to decorate your walls — store what you need, add some decorative elements, and you’re set! This bathroom pipe shelf by Ana White is a great combination of industrial and modular storage.

Watch her step by step tutorial so you can get more storage space for your small bathroom! You’re gonna love it!


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