She Paints A Cake Foam, Wraps In Bling…The Finished Project Is A Show Stopper!

Just when I think I’ve found my favorite DIY project, I find one that I like even better..this one blew me away! Talk about stunning…that’s the first thought that comes to mind when you see this finished! And, what’s even better is that she bought her supplies at the dollar store.

After seeing this rotating cake stand but you’d never guess that she bought her supplies at the dollar store, after seeing what she makes. What an over the top way to present a cake!

I love anything that is sparkly like this…most of us ladies do, right? This would certainly cost a pretty penny if you were to buy this at a store…no doubt about it. In my opinion, this young lady who came up with this idea is brilliant.

I think it’s ingenius the way she makes this cake stand rotate, and, as if the bling isn’t flashy enough, she adds lights to it, really making the bling pop and shimmer like a disco ball!

I love birthday celebrations and this was exactly what I needed for the beautiful cakes I make. And, if you’re getting married, this is a must! Talk about a gorgeous way to display your cakes. This is a show stopper!

Watch how Beverly, with Beverly’s Design Time, makes this awesome rotating cake stand in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on yours.




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