She Paints A Circle On Pallet Wood And Makes A Rustic Piece Full Of Charm!

Don’t you love pallet wood?! So many awesome DIY projects to do with it and the good news is it’s free! There’s just something so special about items that are made out of pallet wood. They have so much rustic charm that you can’t help but love anything made out of them.

I was browsing through Pinterest and ran across the photo of this clock. I instantly fell in love with it, and, since it was made out of pallet wood, I was all about doing it so I could bring in some rustic charm to my home.

What made me so intrigued with this particular pallet wood clock was the way she painted a white circle around the middle of it, giving it some extra appeal and detail.

I had been needing a clock in my den and had looked at buying one, but didn’t see quite what I wanted. After seeing this one, I knew that it was definitely THE ONE!

Since I’m all about DIY projects I thought how hard could this really be? I was rather surprised at how easy this was to make. There’s something to say about making things yourself. It gives me such a great since of accomplishment. I love saying “thank you, I made it!”

Watch how Katy Lawson makes this awesome clock in her step by step tutorial and go get you some pallet wood so you can get started making yours!








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