She Paints A Mason Jar And What She Does After That Is So Darned Cute (Watch!)

This is such a fun DIY project…easy peasy too! A great idea for gifts! I know I would love to receive one of these as a gift and that’s my barometer for gift giving.

Most of us don’t really put much thought into our tissue boxes, but I never really had until one day when I was doing my grocery shopping and tissues were on my list. I was in the tissue aisle and had a hard time finding a box that would go well in my home. I mean, your tissue box should be something you enjoy having sit in your home, right?

Then I thought how cool it would be to have this funny and brightly colored mason jar tissue holder…a cool conversation piece! I have a lot of bright colors in my home, so this fits right in!

Now I don’t have to worry about trying to find a tissue box that works in my home. I’m talking about saving precious minutes here. No more wasting time in the tissue aisle! When I go to the grocery store I want to get in and out as soon as possible…I hate grocery shopping! So, I made a super cute Mason jar tissue holder. My family loves it too!

Watch how Jessica Ansley does this cool mason jar tissue holder in her step by step tutorial so you can make some too!

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