She Paints A Wood Circle Farmhouse Style, Making An Item That We All Need In Our Kitchen

After having one of these in my home, I don’t know what I ever did without one. These make things much more convenient. She adds a quaint touch of rustic charm to the one she makes in the attached tutorial.

Today, I am sharing how to make your own lazy susan. This is a piece that is not only useful, it looks really nice and I think these would make some awesome Christmas gifts this season. In fact, this is exactly what I plan on making for family and friends.

You can easily make one of these for under $20 and let me tell you they are a lifesaver! Some people put these on their shelves in their cabinets for easy access to things and some put theirs on their table with their salt and pepper shaker, tooth picks, etc. on it.

With the cool way she paints hers she paints it with the intension of putting it on her kitchen table, but these are also great for other areas of your home, like your laundry room. These can come in handy to sit makeup or perfume on too!

Watch how this lady, with Do It On A Dime, makes this awesome lazy susan in her step by step tutorial.



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