She Paints And Stencils A Mason Jar But What She Does Next Is What’s So Awesome About This!

This isn’t just your average mason jar project. It serves a bigger purpose than just looking pretty and we all love those types of projects, right? She paints this mason jar with alcohol inks, which I’d never heard about until I saw this tutorial. I learn something new every day! The next thing she does to this, after the inks have dried, is stencil a design on the jar.

After she does the preparation of the mason jar, she makes a fabulous diffuser! Diffusing essential oils is a great way to freshen the air in your home, but ultrasonic diffusers can be expensive! So why not make your own diffuser and save a few bucks?! Homemade reed diffusers work great, and they’re inexpensive to make.

With all of the chemicals found in most air fresheners and candles it can be terrifying. From carcinogens to elements that irritate airways, most chemical ‘fresheners’ are anything but fresh. While I love my diffuser for clearing the air, there’s another natural way to make your home smell amazing with no harmful ingredients– DIY reed diffusers! They are a cinch to make and work beautifully in areas that don’t easily accommodate diffusers like bathrooms, closets and litter box areas.

Watch how Kyra, with Michael’s Designs does this great DIY project in her step by step tutorial.


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