She Paints Simple Dots On A Bottle And You Have To See The End Result. Fabulous!

I’m crazy about this DIY project and how mine turned out! You must watch this tutorial to the end so you can see how fabulous her bottle turned out when she finished it.

After seeing this, I had to make it right away. It’s so easy and you don’t have to be artistic to do it either. All you are doing is dotting paint in a design…yep, that’s how simple it is and it certainly doesn’t look simple when you see the finished project!

What a great way to recycle wine bottles! Pinterest has so many great design ideas for painting wine bottles. I saw another one on there that I just have to paint, now that I’ve painted some of these great looking bottles.

Talk about great gifts! I’m currently working on three of them so I will have them for a couple of upcoming birthdays and a housewarming present. Don’t you love all of the awesome DIY projects available to us? I’ve saved so much money on gifts and, believe me, it’s always somebody’s birthday or some other celebration I need a gift for.

Watch how this gal with Be Creative paints this fabulous bottle so you can get started painting yours!




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