She Picked Up A Pallet On The Side of The Road And Creates Something Really Charming!

I think all of us love things made out of pallets, and there are endless projects to do with them. This is a really useful piece that she is creating and adds a really cool statement to your decor. I’m so fond of this one that I had to make one for my home too! It adds that sweet touch of rustic charm to my home that I was looking for!

I love sharing the ideas here for survival of old stuff that can be otherwise thrown away or wasted! Pallet wood is one of those materials that can live again in your home if you give a bit extra care to them! People are creating amazing furniture pieces out of them without spending a bit of their money, not to mention the unique wall decor, art pieces and antique wooden signs.

Pallets are sturdy enough for shelving units and here is just one example of it.  This particular shelving piece provides a showy display for your favorite items!  This is a timeless piece that always wins out over fleeting fads. Something like this can be useful in the kitchen, dining area, basement, etc. it can also serve as a great wine rack.

Shelves play a vital role in accentuating the blank wall areas of your home. You can install some art style shelves to the wall areas that you don’t have any artwork for. To add these amazing shelving units could never be easier, this pallet art style shelf has been made by reclaiming and restyling pallets. Pallets have really made the lives of people easier, and more comfortable, who are badly affected by the inflation. These look great with a light stain and left in their natural state, but they also look good painted as well. It’s a matter of what you prefer and the type of look you want to achieve in your home.

Watch how Gator Finishing makes this awesome shelf in the step by step tutorial.


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