She Pieces Half Of A Log Cabin Pattern And Half Of A Triangle To Make A Super Creative Quilt

Log cabin quilt designs are always a favorite with beginning quilters and expert quilters alike. The simple piecework has a timeless charm that lends itself to endless log cabin quilt variations and this quilt pattern creates an interesting and different log cabin look when you change it up a bit with a colorful triangle.

If there’s anything you want to have in your quilting skill set, it’s a knowledge of log cabin quilt designs. The simplest log cabin quilt pattern, which consists of strips pieced around a center square successively until you have a block the size you want, is easy to sew and makes for colorful quilts. After mastering this basic technique, you can use different colors in strategic parts of your blocks.

Now you can mix it up a bit and give your basic log cabin quilt a different look by doing half of the block with a triangle!

A little history about the log cabin quilt…many resources tell us that the use of the log cabin block in American patchwork became widespread in the second half of the 1800s. While the block was surely around long before then, it’s interesting to note, that the popularity increased so sharply around that time. Whether this was due to the availability of fabric scraps, or the fact that so many homes had been constructed in this manner is hard to say. It was clearly a pattern that quilters related to so strongly that almost every quilter made one during her lifetime.

It’s a great opportunity to bust through some of those scraps that I know you all have lying around! Watch how Laura Coia does this in her step by step tutorial so you can get started on making this wonderful quilt.

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