She Pins, Cuts And Sews These And What She Makes Are So Cute You’ll Have To Make Them!

Now here is a little something different for you to sew. These are so much fun and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love these. These make fabulous gifts too!

I think you will find it hard to resist these adorable elephants. They’re really simple to make and can be whipped up in just a few hours or so. They are ideal for making in fabrics and colors to suit your decor.

I have always loved elephants. They represent strength, protection and good luck.

I’m always needing baby gifts and these are perfect! The soft fabric that she uses to make these out of is great for a baby, so that is what I’m gonna use to make baby gifts. Although, I must mention that I’ve already made my very own elephant family just for me! Elephants are my favorite animals and I simply had to make a set of them.

You can make these in any fabric you choose to. I plan to make pink ones for baby girls and blue ones for baby boys…if I know what the sex of the babies are ahead of time!

Watch how Laura Coia, with Sew Very Easy, makes this adorable elephant family in her step by step tutorial.

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