She Presses Flowers In Books And Places Them On Glass For An Amazing Piece Of Art!

This is the easiest, yet one of the loveliest projects you can do. The simplicity of it makes a statement all by itself!
You’ll end up with a beautiful piece of art that takes no time at all, but looks like it did! Wildflower frames make beautiful gifts, and it’s a lovely way of displaying wedding flowers after the the big day … it’s also a great project to do with your kiddos, since there really is nothing to it.
Step 1:
Clean your glass frame well and make sure it’s completely dry. Attach a ribbon that will compliment the colour of your flowers.

Step 2:

The fun bit!  Put your glass frame to one side, and lay your flowers out on a piece of paper or board -then start to have a play around (carefully – they’re really delicate!)

Step 3:

There is no right way when it comes to your design  – you can either go simplistic – arranging them in a straight line, or you can opt for a more natural approach. If you want a natural-looking design try arranging them how you might see them in the wild – ie group some of the same flowers together (groups of 3 work well) and overlap them … above all just have fun and see where it takes you!
Step 4:
Once you have a layout you’re happy with, you can start to transfer them onto the glass. Apply a tiny dot of glue to the back of the flower and begin layering up the flowers. Start with the biggest flowers first … ago from there.
Step 5:
One they’re all laid out, very carefully remove any bits of dust / dirt and leave to dry. When dry close your frame, hang it up on the wall!
Watch how Popsugar Moms makes this great looking wall decor in her step by step tutorial.
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