She Puts 4″x5″ Squares Together, Sews The Middle, Cuts Them And You’ll Love This!

If you have not seen this, you’re missing out! This is such a fun DIY sewing project…mainly because it’s easy to make and you see results fast!

I think this is another one of my favorites, although, I have so many that it’s hard to keep up with my very favorite.

Each block starts out as a simple hourglass block that is made up of 4 large half square triangles. Then you slice it into 9 equal pieces. Rotate all the pieces 180 degrees, but the center you rotate 90. Sew them back together.

Note: whenever I work on blocks that have a lot of seams coming together, I press my seams open instead of to one side. That way the blocks are flatter and easier to quilt. But when doing this I make my stitches smaller so that the seam will still be strong.

Smaller stitches also help when you are slicing across seams. Another thing to consider when working with lots of triangles – you might want to starch your fabric so that you will have less stretching of the bias edges as you work.

Watch how Teresa DownUnder makes this fabulous quilt in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making your disappearing hourglass guilt too!



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