She Puts A Candle In Cold Water And Pours Hot Wax On It For An Incredible Piece Of Art!

You can easily make some incredible works of art with candle wax and you can make these in any color you want. They look beautiful sitting on a backlit shelf or in numerous other places in your home for an interesting piece of decor.

In the attached tutorial you will see hot wax transform into a beautiful, decorative piece before your eyes as it’s poured into a bowl of cold water. These unique candles make great room decor but are also functional to burn if you keep the wick visible.

These are perfectly suitable for Halloween, birthdays, teen bedrooms, everyday decor you name it! They make great gifts…your friends will love these!

This method of candle making was very popular back in the 70’s and I’m sure some of your will remember.

You don’t have to make these in just one color of candle wax. Add as many colors as you wish to make them as interesting as you like. Just start practicing and you’ll see some incredible shapes form while pouring the hot wax into the cold water!

To easily create a DIY gothic water candle watch how  SoCraftastic does this in her step by step tutorial.

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