She Puts A Place Mat On A Frame With A Mirror. Watch What She Does Next And Why!

This is a really cool DIY project and looks quite unique in your home. It’s got a little bit of a rustic elegant look to it and is quite stunning.

I really love how mine turned out. It looks so great sitting on my coffee table as a tray, but you can also hang it on your wall, if you chose to. I personally prefer how it looks on my coffee table.

She bought the place mat at the dollar store and it looks really awesome laying on top of the mirror, with the way it looks kind of ropy. Even though the mat is round, she makes if fit by first gluing it to the glass, trimming it and taking the leftover pieces and glues them to the corner areas where the placemat didn’t fit.

I love the way she takes another frame and glues it on top of the first frame, using the glass to seal it. Then she wraps twine around the sides, giving it a great finished look.

Then she glues the ends and places a silver thumb tack on top to hold the twine in place and give it a more finished look. She also makes handles for each end of the tray and wraps them with twine. Such a great look!

Then to finishes it off she adds peel and stick felt circles to the bottom of the frame, to keep it from scratching the table.

Watch how Miss Monificent makes this cool tray in her step by step tutorial so you can get started making one for your home.

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