She Puts A Rock In A Mason Jar And Adds Two Drops Of Food Coloring. Watch What Happens Next

I’ve always loved the ocean and all of the sea creatures. Deep sea diving is one of my all time favorite things to do and one day I’d love to live by the sea! I found this cool DIY project I could do at home to bring a symbol of the sea into my home! This is such a fun project and looks really cool with the lights off.

That being said, my grandchildren and I recently went to see the movie Dory and I thought a little DIY light up jar aquarium would be totally fun to celebrate the new movie with the kids, since they already loved the one I made for my home.

They were so excited when we turned on the lights. My granddaughter likes to put her little jar aquarium on her bookshelf at night with the light, and she brings it to the kitchen table for lunchtime, too.

This is a fabulous playdate activity or school project for children too! They love making real-looking aquariums by adding plants, rocks, and aquarium figurines to a mason jar of blue water. Everyone enjoys this fun and easy craft, and it’s always great to send kids home from a playdate or school with a treasure they created themselves! Keep in mind that no “real” fish or sea creatures are used in this project.

Watch how the Dramatic Parrot makes this great aquarium in her step by step tutorial. It’s so much fun!


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