She Puts Cute Fabric And A Ribbon On A Mason Jar But Watch What She Puts Inside It!

These are so great to give for DIY hostess gifts, teacher appreciation, housewarming and they make great party favors for bridal showers and birthdays. I think these are so clever and, trust me, people love receiving this great little gift!

This easy step by step recipe is one of my favorite DIY gifts in a jar. The super easy mason jar cookie recipe is quick to make… you just measure and layer your ingredients as you go.

I recommend you go ahead and plan to make several batches, though. You will not believe the incredible results you get from such a simple recipe. You will definitely want to keep one for yourself!

This DIY gift idea is super cute, too! I love the way she decorates the mason jar with cute coordinating fabric, with a fabric ribbon and a cute handmade label, and, of course this includes the baking instructions. People will think you spent hours laboring in the kitchen to make these cute little gifts. Plus, each jar really does make an amazingly delicious batch of cookies.

Keep in mind that you don’t actually have to bake the cookies.  The recipient gets to make them, so they also get to clean up all the big mess! These cookies are always delicious and have helped me out when we needed a quick gift in a pinch.

Watch how MissAlinaMina makes these darling mason jar gifts in her step by step tutorial so you will have this at your fingertips when you need it!

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